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SPORTS TALK RECRUITING – The Recruiting Process Will Become Your Part Time Job w/ Ryan Stoutt & Glenn Stoutt Live In South Florida

Click to Listen to the Radio Show on Princess Cooper’s Never Had it so Good Sports Talk Radio out of Columbia, SC; Listen Here  SPORTS TALK RECRUITING RADIO SHOW  Tonight’s Show Topics Point #1: Time Management 101 Point #2: Researching Colleges, College Coaches and Your Online Reputation Point #3: Where Will You Find the Extra Time? Point #4: The More Time You Put in The More Successful You Will Be *These Topics Come Directly From Module 2, Lesson 5 In The Learning Management System. On tonight’s show we talked about the important but most misunderstood topic in the recruiting process,’The Recruiting Process Will Become Your Part Time Job’… If you are one of the 1,000,000+ student athletes or parents of a student athlete that is not being being recruited you’ll need to pay close attention to this show. Tonight we will go over the four points as well as having 3 guests on the show. The first guest is Coach Willis Peanut May, Head Football Coach Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, FL. along with student athlete Teddrick Moffett, Jr. Sr. QB Deerfield Beach Bucks, Deerfield Beach, Florida and Tristan Anderson Sr. OL Carol City Chiefs, Miami, Florida. Coach May will talk about his role in the recruiting process and student athletes Moffett and Anderson will ask a question they have about the recruiting...

Sports Talk Recruiting ‘High School Football Recruiting’ w/ Ryan Stoutt & Glenn Stoutt Live In South Florida and Host Princess Cooper

http://playingtherecruitinggame.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/neverhaditsogoodsportsradio_2015_09_03_sports-talk-803-hs-football-w-ryan-glenn-stoutt-live-in-south-florida.mp3 SportsTalk 803 is born with it’s first episode on HS Football and everything that surrounds it. We can’t wait for this powerful focus on the HS Football Athlete and how he is developing on the field and in the classroom. We will talk to coaches, players, and writers. Tune Thursdays at 7pm. Tonight’s live broadcasts featured expert advice from the hosts about the recruiting process, candid conversations with local high school head coaches and a great question and answer period from student athletes that called into the show. Listen to the show and hear from Head Coach Vinny Zaccardi, Coral Springs High School, and Head Coach Adam Miller, Coral Springs Charter School, Coral Springs, FL., as they talk about the challenges they each face as a head coach when it comes to getting their student athletes prepared for the recruiting process and what would help make the process easier for them. Also don’t miss the great questions and answers from Jake Lassiter, Sr. and Devante Gayle, Sr. Coral Springs High School. All of the answers to the questions that were supplied to each of our Coaches and Student Athletes are part of and can be found in the Playing the Recruiting Game Learning Management System modules. Never Had it so Good Sports Radio Host -Princess...

$1000’s In Extra Grants & Aid You Need to Know About

They want to call it ‘Stipend’ but I rather call it ‘Grants & Aid’… They want to refer to multiple offers as ‘Free Agency’ but I prefer to call it what it is ‘Leverage’… A great article early this week in the WCFCourier.com that opened with; ‘A new stipend that scholarship athletes are receiving to pay for some of the things that their scholarship doesn’t cover could be a game changer for college sports, especially since some believe that recruits could wind up making decisions based on which institution can put the most cash in their pocket.’ The article goes on getting different opinions from College Coaches and Head Coaches in the South Florida area from some pretty big time high school programs. But here’s the news flash; The money has Always been available, up to now no one has been talking about it except us… Further, when did we start talking about Grants and Aid as being a ‘stipend’? Yes, a stipend can be considered a form of a scholarship, but rarely (until recently) do you hear it in the collegiate athletic realm. The fact is the NCAA has always had money available for student athletes travel. Not only for, what the media is referring to for travel to and from bowl play, but also for travel expenses for student athletes ‘in need’ to and from school and back home for those student athletes that are attending a college far from their homes. Again, it’s always been available but up to now no one is saying anything about it. Here’s a great example from the article from  Miami QB Brad...

Why Academics Are Key To Getting Successfully Recruited

One of the hot topics at the recent Southeastern Conference NCAA College Media Day was the issue of Academics and how a student athletes grades have a direct impact on the being recruited. Below are exerpts from John Tally’s recent article in AL.com and his interviews with several college coaches. Why do we think this is important to you? Because it confirms one of the main components that is addressed and taught in the Playing the Recruiting Game Learning Management System Modules about the importance of Character and Academics, #1 and #2 in the Recruiting Process. “The most difficult thing is if a kid is close,” says Syracuse coach Scott Shafer. “You have to be careful how many of those kids you put on the board. For the most part if you are signing a class of 25 kids, you don’t want to have more than three kids, or it can bite you.” Shafer has experience handling difficult academic standards. Not only does he face it at Syracuse but he did it as a defensive coordinator under Jim Harbaugh at Stanford, one of the nation’s top academic institutions. Harbaugh required his staff always to have academics in mind when considering which players to recruit. The staff blanketed the country looking for the right fit for Stanford. “We tried to find any all-conference player who was a sophomore around the country and as soon as he was all-county or whatever in his hometown, we shot a transcript request to his counselors,” Shafer says. “There were literally thousands of them. Our whole thing was get his transcripts before we watch his video. If the...