About Us

Why do so many kids try to get recruited to play high school sports and fail? Why do some kids get to college thinking that they have a full-ride only to have to leave mid-semester?

We believe it’s because most kids don’t know the truth about recruiting. They don’t know how to Play the Recruiting Game™.

And that’s what we are here to do and why we created the “Playing the Recruiting Game™” curriculum. Forget the flash, and hype…we are taking an educational approach to recruiting.

The course encourages student/athletes to learn and master strategic insights, key information and inside recruiting secrets and put them into action. In a broader sense, our program is geared to help all students, coaches and anyone who has a passion because when one successfully completes our course, one has the tools and skills necessary to prepare oneself for life (education, character, relationships, business, self-sufficiency) and most important; coming back to one’s community and giving back.

We are a team of business professionals, educators, and former professional and collegiate athletes dedicated to helping the student athlete prepare himself/herself to be a “qualified” player in his/her sport so that he/she can use his/her athletic ability to pay for a college education.

Helping students use their passion for sports and their athletic ability as a tool to transform their future and their lives.  That’s what the KDA Foundation™ and Playing the Recruiting Game™ has been a pioneer in delivering to students that dare to listen.

Staff and volunteers consist of ex-athletes, educators, community leaders, and business consultants. We totally support students and student athletes and their parents as they transition academically /socially from high school to college and beyond. Our team of teachers, counselors, and coaches all are dedicated to helping our youth avoid negative distractions, eliminate weaknesses, build awareness about common setbacks in school, and improve athletic capabilities.