Athletic Directors & Coaches Here’s Your Chance to See in Detail Each of Your Student Athletes Aptitude when it Comes to the Recruiting Process.


Take the Pressure of the Recruiting Process Off Your Back as Your Student Athletes Learn to Master the Process…


This course encourages your student athletes to learn and master strategic insights, key information and inside recruiting secrets and put them into action.  The Student-athlete’s instruction is through different modules to make it easy for them to learn, retain and implement the materials, such as:

    • Setting the Record Straight – The Truth About Recruiting
    • Create the Ultimate list of Colleges
    • Building a ‘Qualified’ Player Profile
    • Academically Qualified – Your Key to Getting Successfully Recruited
    • Take Charge of the Money – Evaluating and Negotiating Your Financial Package
    • Start & Continue Conversations with Coaches
    • Final Assessments

And that’s not all. You can track your student athletes progress throughout the entire process by going to your custom AD/Coaches Dashboard.

    • AD’s – You can track each team sport along with each individual student athlete
    • Coaches – You can track your teams progress along with each individual student athlete
AD/Coaches Dashboard