Student-Athletes: The Secrets Recruiting Websites Won’t Tell You… Because They Don’t Even Know…

Learn How to Turn Your Athletic Ability & Transcripts Into A College Scholarship

You’re a good player but for some reason you’re not getting enough playing time which you realize is why you are not getting attention or exposure from college coaches.  On the other hand, there are players on your team (and county superstars) that are getting all of the attention and college coaches are giving them plenty of attention.  You know you need some of that attention for yourself in order to be sitting at that table during the high school assemble specially designated for signing day. You don’t know what to do and your coach isn’t able to give you the amount of help that you expected.  Knowing that you need to get exposure you spend good money attending combines, invitational events, college camps and more but still not attention, no letters, no text messages and no calls from college coaches.

For many players signing day and the chance to play at the next level passes them by and they are left with their dreams of playing squashed. Why, not because you’re not getting enough playing time, but because you haven’t taken OWNERSHIP in the recruiting process taking the necessary time to learn the recruiting process. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you…especially if you learn how to play and ‘WIN THE GAME’!


Are You  Like Most Athletes Expecting Your Coach to Get You Recruited?  If So, Then That’s Your Biggest Mistake.

Historically both parents and students have thought (and still think) that the coach is responsible for the entire recruiting process.  Why?  It all about perception.  Think about it in movies, newspaper articles, and success stories galore you predominately hear about the student-athlete and the coach.  Those seem to be the featured players and so those are the people that most fixate on.  What you fail to see is that successful recruiting is about REALISTICALLY MATCHING YOU WHERE YOU CAN COMPETE (on the field and in the classroom) knowing WHAT TO DO, HOW TO DO IT and having the discipline and drive to GET IT DONE…especially if you are not a “super-star freak of nature” and/or a “valedictorian”.

Playing College Sports Is Big Business.  Your Recruiting Efforts Must Match This Fact  

The fact is, recruiting is multi-million dollar business and the sooner that you learn and understand this truth the better chance you have of getting recruited. Why?  Because you will be better equipped and have the appropriate tools to make a decision that can (and will) affect the rest of your life.   Getting recruited is no joke and nothing to mess around with. Treat the entire process as a business and you will be prepared to win in the end.  Remember one very important fact… YOU GET ONLY ONE SHOT AT IT… So Learn how to get your hands on the Scholarship Money and earn an Athletic Scholarship.


It’s Time to Put Your Big Boy Pants On and Man Up

The fact is that some of our players that have gone through the program have gotten angry, especially when they learn how the money works, others get motivated to improve grades and take advantage of the system and still others do better on the field because they see that they have an opportunity before them that shouldn’t be squandered.  Regardless, by putting it into business terms the students get it and grow up prepared to make better decisions in the long run that will last a lifetime.

Getting Recruited Takes Time and Knowledge

If you are serious about getting recruited then we can show you and your parents how it can be done.  Matter of fact, one athlete used the earliest version of the program to get 24 full athletic scholarship offers (20 at QB and 4 at Safety) to play College Football and never started at QB his senior year nor was he mentioned in any High School Football Rankings.  Yet, he went on to accept a full Athletic Scholarship to play QB in college. How did he do this while playing in so few Football Games?  He did this with a carefully laid out “business plan” and “game plan” that got the right coaches to take notice of him and ultimately offer the athletic scholarships he needed to go to school and play College Football. 

If You Have 10 Hours A Week Then We Have An Online Program That Can Help You Get Recruited

Even If You Aren’t (or didn’t) Getting Enough Playing Time to Put Together a Great Highlight Video

Do you really what it takes to Be Recruited?  If you are serious about Getting Recruited then we can show you and your parents the step by step process to get done.  All it takes is 10-hours a week of hard focused work. 

Our 7-Part Online Course Will Show Your Step by Step How

To help you with your recruiting journey, we’ve developed a course that puts YOU IN CONTROL of the RECRUITING PROCESS. It’s simple to follow and will help you get closer to reaching your dreams of playing the sport you love at the next level.  You will learn how the RECRUITING SYSTEM WORKS, how to IMPLEMENT A GAME PLAN to MASTER THE RECRUITING SYSTEM and receive a step by step plan to CLOSE THE DEAL and get the MULTIPLE SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS.   You can’t get this level of recruiting knowledge and know how anywhere else.

Here’s What you will learn:

  • Baseline requirements for getting recruited
  • The GRANT MONEY (ALONG WITH THE FREE PELL GRANT MONEY) available that universities Don’t Want You to Know (In our exclusive video tutorial)
  • What your VALUE is (in dollar bills) to the college
  • How to get coaches to OPEN YOUR EMAIL amongst the 1000’s they receive each week
  • How to know if a coach is REALLY RECRUITING YOU, the simple steps to Be Recruited
  • What you need to INCLUDE IN THE EMAIL to propel the entire Recruiting Process
  • How to build your ‘HIGH SCHOOL RESUME’ that will get you on the RECRUITING BOARD
  • How to find over 1oo college coaches that FIT your ATHLETIC & SCHOLASTIC ABILITY
  • and MUCH, Much More