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Playing The Recruiting Game™ Pri­vacy Pol­icy Summary

Effec­tive February 14, 2014


This page sum­ma­rizes cer­tain key high­lights from our Pri­vacy Pol­icy. Because this is just a sum­mary, we have not included every detail on this page. For more infor­ma­tion, please read our full Privacy Policy.


We col­lect per­sonal data that you pro­vide- Personal Information data (such as your name, address, email, ath­letic or aca­d­e­mic infor­ma­tion, pic­tures and videos) and, like most web­sites, non-personal data (such as your IP address, web pages viewed, browser type, and usage data). Keep in mind that infor­ma­tion you share on your pub­lic pro­file will be vis­i­ble to every­one, includ­ing non-registered users.


We use your infor­ma­tion to oper­ate Playing The Recruiting Game, and we will share some of your data.  This enables us, among other things, to con­nect coaches and ath­letes, process trans­ac­tions, improve Playing The Recruiting Game, and pro­vide rel­e­vant pro­mo­tional offers.  We com­mu­ni­cate with you on and via email, mobile apps, and other channels.


Except as set forth in the Pri­vacy Pol­icy, Playing The Recruiting Game does not sell or rent your infor­ma­tion to com­mer­cial mar­keters offer­ing to sell you non-education and/or non-sports related prod­ucts and ser­vices, unless you choose to opt-in to these ser­vices by respond­ing to an adver­tise­ment on


We secure your data in accor­dance with indus­try stan­dards and tech­nol­ogy.  How­ever, the Inter­net is not a 100% secure envi­ron­ment, and we can­not ensure or war­rant the secu­rity of any infor­ma­tion you trans­mit to Playing The Recruiting Game.  There is no guar­an­tee that infor­ma­tion you transmit may not be accessed or dis­closed if our safe­guards are breached.  We ask you to do your part by main­tain­ing the secrecy of your unique pass­word and account infor­ma­tion and con­trol­ling access to your email communications.


As a Playing The Recruiting Game user, you can always:

  • Review, add to, or edit your per­sonal infor­ma­tion through your per­sonal pro­file page;
  • Con­trol what infor­ma­tion you make avail­able pub­licly through your pub­lic profile;
  • Change your set­tings to con­trol vis­i­bil­ity and acces­si­bil­ity through our web­site; and
  • Tell us to close your Playing The Recruiting GameTM account.


If at any point we decide to use par­tic­u­lar per­sonal infor­ma­tion in a man­ner dif­fer­ent from that stated at the time it was col­lected, we will notify users by way of an email or by pro­vid­ing 30 days’ notice on the Site.  If you have ques­tions or con­cerns regard­ing the Pri­vacy Pol­icy, we encour­age you to con­tact us at

Phys­i­cal Mail:

Playing The Recruiting Game

2855 N University Dr., Ste 510

Coral Springs, FL.  33065

Attn: Pri­vacy Pol­icy Issues

Playing The Recruiting Game Pri­vacy Policy



Playing The Recruiting Game’s mis­sion to is to provide every high-school stu­dent ath­lete the opportunity to attend the col­lege or uni­ver­sity that is the best character, academic and athletic fit..  In order to achieve this mis­sion, Playing The Recruiting Game needs to dis­close and use for its busi­ness pur­poses cer­tain infor­ma­tion that stu­dents and coaches sub­mit to us. We want you to under­stand what we do with your infor­ma­tion and encour­age you to read the pri­vacy pol­icy terms below.


What Does This Pri­vacy Pol­icy Apply To?

Playing The Recruiting Game LLC., (“we”, “us”, or “Playing The Recruiting Game” has cre­ated this pri­vacy pol­icy (“Pri­vacy Pol­icy”) to signify  our strong com­mit­ment to pro­tect­ing your per­sonal infor­ma­tion and inform­ing you about what infor­ma­tion we col­lect and how we use and dis­close that infor­ma­tion. This Pri­vacy Pol­icy applies to trans­ac­tions and activ­i­ties in which you engage, and data gath­ered, on the Playing The Recruiting GameTM web­site (“Web­site” and/or “Site”). This Pri­vacy Pol­icy also applies to mobile and API access to Playing The Recruiting GameTM (col­lec­tively referred to with the “Web­site” and the “Site” as the “Ser­vice”); how­ever, addi­tional pri­vacy and usage terms may apply to such mobile and/or API access, as set forth in the respec­tive plat­forms. Please review this Pri­vacy Pol­icy peri­od­i­cally as we may mod­ify it from time to time. Each time you visit the Site or pro­vide us with infor­ma­tion, by doing so you are accept­ing the prac­tices described in this Pri­vacy Pol­icy at that time. If you do not agree to this Pri­vacy Pol­icy you may not access or oth­er­wise use the Web­site or par­tic­i­pate in our services.


Why and How We Use Your Infor­ma­tion

The most impor­tant value of using Playing The Recruiting Game  is the abil­ity to go after , gain expo­sure and con­nect to indi­vid­u­als, insti­tu­tions and orga­ni­za­tions that can improve your recruit­ing process.  To achieve this, the infor­ma­tion you pro­vide may be shared with other users and/or select third par­ties as described in this Pri­vacy Pol­icy.  For exam­ple, you may be con­tacted by reg­is­tered col­lege coaches or stu­dent ath­letes.  You may also receive infor­ma­tion from non-profit and for-profit orga­ni­za­tions and gov­ern­ment agen­cies, includ­ing, but not lim­ited to, (i) edu­ca­tional prod­ucts and ser­vices (e.g. stu­dent loans, finan­cial aid, col­lege admis­sions and tuto­r­ial ser­vices, and extra-curricular enrich­ment and recog­ni­tion pro­grams); (ii) career, employ­ment, and mil­i­tary oppor­tu­ni­ties; (iii) ath­letic apparel and equip­ment com­pa­nies; and (iv) camps. Except as set forth herein, Playing The Recruiting Game does not sell your infor­ma­tion to com­mer­cial mar­keters offer­ing to sell you non-education and/or non-sports related prod­ucts and ser­vices, unless you choose to opt-in to these ser­vices by respond­ing to an adver­tise­ment on the Website.


Playing The Recruiting Game col­lects two cat­e­gories of infor­ma­tion from users: “Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion” that specif­i­cally iden­ti­fies you (e.g. your name, email address, and phys­i­cal address) and “Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion” that is anony­mous in nature (e.g. your IP address, web pages viewed, browser type and usage data).  In addi­tion, we may sup­ple­ment the Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion and Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion we col­lect with infor­ma­tion from other sources.  This Pri­vacy Pol­icy will fur­ther define these cat­e­gories of infor­ma­tion and explain in more detail what each cat­e­gory means, as well as how we col­lect, use, and han­dle your information.


How We Gather and Group Your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion

On our Site, we only gather Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion from you if you vol­un­tar­ily pro­vide it to us. Your pri­vacy set­tings deter­mine what aspects of your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion are acces­si­ble to oth­ers.  As a sup­ple­ment to this Pri­vacy Pol­icy, we make it easy for stu­dent ath­letes to see what dif­fer­ent peo­ple can and can­not see by pro­vid­ing a drop down menu on each stu­dent athlete’s pro­file so they can pre­view what their pro­file looks like two dif­fer­ent types of users based on their pri­vacy set­tings. Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion sub­mit­ted on the Site pri­mar­ily con­sists of three sub-categories: Pub­lic Infor­ma­tion, Semi-Public Infor­ma­tion, and Pri­vate Information.


  • PUBLIC INFORMATION.  “Pub­lic Infor­ma­tion” is Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion that you pro­vide that is avail­able to any­one on the Site.  This includes, but is not lim­ited to, data such as your full name, sport, ath­letic infor­ma­tion, pic­tures, and videos; we or oth­ers may freely use this data.  You may adjust which Pub­lic Infor­ma­tion is shared in your pri­vacy set­tings, located in the “Edit Pro­file” sec­tion of the Site. If you choose to sub­mit con­tent to any pub­lic area of the Web­site, your con­tent will be con­sid­ered Pub­lic Infor­ma­tion and will not be sub­ject to the pri­vacy pro­tec­tions set forth herein.


  • SEMI-PUBLIC INFORMATION. “Semi-Public Infor­ma­tion” is Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion that you pro­vide that is avail­able to cer­tain other reg­is­tered users of the Ser­vice and is required from all reg­is­tered users.  This includes, but is not lim­ited to, your postal address, phone num­ber, email address and aca­d­e­mic infor­ma­tion.  As a main func­tion of the Ser­vice is con­nect­ing col­lege coaches and stu­dent ath­letes, suf­fi­cient infor­ma­tion needs to be pre­sented to help each side to decide if it’s worth mak­ing a con­nec­tion.  For exam­ple, reg­is­tered col­lege coaches can always see a user’s full con­tact infor­ma­tion and aca­d­e­mic infor­ma­tion.  How­ever, another reg­is­tered stu­dent ath­lete or a logged out user can­not gen­er­ally see this infor­ma­tion.   For col­lege coaches, this means that ath­letes can see which school you are asso­ci­ated with, and infor­ma­tion you pro­vide about your­self, your team, and your col­lege or uni­ver­sity in your pro­file, as well as cer­tain actions you take on the Site.


  • PRIVATE INFORMATION. “Pri­vate Infor­ma­tion” is Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion that you pro­vide that we do not share with other Site users.  This includes, but is not lim­ited to, your pass­word, pri­vacy set­tings, credit card num­ber, and billing and ship­ping information.


How We Use Your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion

We only use your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion as described in this Pri­vacy Pol­icy, unless you have specif­i­cally con­sented to another type of use either (i) at the time the Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion is gathered from you or (ii) through some other form of con­sent from, or noti­fi­ca­tion to, you.  The fol­low­ing bul­let points illus­trate the pri­mary ways in which we use your Per­sonal Information:


  • OPERATE THE SERVICE.  We use your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion to help us effi­ciently oper­ate the Ser­vice. For exam­ple, we may use Pub­lic Infor­ma­tion and Semi-Public Infor­ma­tion to enable other users to find your pro­file, to deter­mine whether a coach and an ath­lete may be a poten­tial match for each other, and to allow users to ini­ti­ate com­mu­ni­ca­tion with each other. We may also share your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion with third par­ties to fur­ther the pur­pose for which you pro­vided such infor­ma­tion to us. For exam­ple, to oper­ate the Ser­vice, includ­ing pro­cess­ing your trans­ac­tions and sup­port­ing your activ­i­ties on the Ser­vice, we may share your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion with our agents, rep­re­sen­ta­tives, con­trac­tors and ser­vice providers so they can pro­vide us with sup­port ser­vices, such as autho­riza­tion of credit card trans­ac­tions, email orig­i­na­tion, receipt or sup­port ser­vices, cus­tomer rela­tion­ship man­age­ment ser­vices, order ful­fill­ment and sweep­stakes and pro­mo­tional fulfillment.


  • SERVICE COMMUNICATIONS.  We use your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion to con­tact you in con­nec­tion with your trans­ac­tions, inquiries, requests and other activ­i­ties on the Ser­vice (includ­ing, but not lim­ited to, ver­i­fi­ca­tion emails, emails trig­gered by your or other users’ activ­ity on the Ser­vice, or impor­tant news that could affect your rela­tion­ship with Playing The Recruiting Game.   These types of com­mu­ni­ca­tions are known as “Ser­vice Com­mu­ni­ca­tions.”  In some cases, Ser­vice Com­mu­ni­ca­tions may also con­tain com­mer­cial mes­sages, such as ban­ner ads and spe­cial offers. We also use Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion to send you newslet­ters, infor­ma­tion, offers and other pro­mo­tional mate­ri­als for Playing The Recruiting Game or third par­ties’ goods or ser­vices. Each email com­mu­ni­ca­tion has an unsub­scribe link, enabling you to decline to receive future com­mu­ni­ca­tions.  By reg­is­ter­ing on the Site, you are opt­ing in to receive Playing The Recruiting Game  com­mu­ni­ca­tions by mail, email and mobile devices (via SMS/push alerts).  If we con­tact you using meth­ods beyond email, you will typ­i­cally be able to opt-out of these com­mu­ni­ca­tions in your pri­vacy settings.


CONNECT YOU WITH TRUSTED PARTNERS.  Cer­tain actions you or oth­ers take on the Ser­vice may indi­cate ways in which our part­ners/or we can fur­ther assist you in your recruit­ing process, and we may use your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion to do so. For exam­ple, if we believe you would ben­e­fit from an intro­duc­tion to a par­tic­u­lar part­ner, we may ini­ti­ate an intro­duc­tion.  If you do not wish to have your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion shared based upon spe­cific actions you have taken on our Ser­vice, go to your pri­vacy set­tings and dis­able this set­ting, if present.  If we are not cur­rently con­tem­plat­ing con­nect­ing you with our part­ners based on your spe­cific actions, you may not see such a set­ting. Please note that opt­ing out of these com­mu­ni­ca­tions will not oth­er­wise limit our abil­ity to use your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion as oth­er­wise per­mit­ted herein.


ALLOW YOU TO PARTICIPATE IN CERTAIN THIRD PARTY OFFERS AND PROGRAMS. By pur­chas­ing, reg­is­ter­ing or mak­ing reser­va­tions for prod­ucts or ser­vices offered or spon­sored by third par­ties on the Site, or elect­ing to receive com­mu­ni­ca­tions (such as emails or mag­a­zine sub­scrip­tions) or elect­ing to par­tic­i­pate in con­tests, sweep­stakes or other pro­grams (such as dis­count or rewards pro­grams), offered or spon­sored by third par­ties on the Site, you con­sent to our pro­vid­ing your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion to those third par­ties. Those third par­ties may use your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion in accor­dance with their own pri­vacy poli­cies. You will need to con­tact those third par­ties to instruct them directly regard­ing your pref­er­ences for the use of your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion by them.


SPECIAL CASES IN WHICH WE SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION.  Your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion may be passed on to a third party in the event of a cor­po­rate restruc­tur­ing (such as a sale, merger, or other trans­fer of own­er­ship or assets, or a bank­ruptcy). We may also dis­close Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion when we deter­mine that such dis­clo­sure is nec­es­sary to com­ply with applic­a­ble law or legal process, to coop­er­ate with law enforce­ment or to pro­tect the inter­ests or safety of Playing The Recruiting Game or other vis­i­tors to the Site. We also may dis­close your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion to our sub­sidiary and par­ent com­pa­nies and busi­nesses, and other affil­i­ated legal enti­ties and busi­nesses with whom we are under com­mon cor­po­rate control.


Please also see the Our Secu­rity Pre­cau­tions with Your Infor­ma­tion sec­tion of this Pri­vacy Pol­icy for addi­tional infor­ma­tion on how we secure your information.


Social Media and Links to Other Web­sites

Playing The Recruiting Game pro­vides you with the abil­ity to reg­is­ter, login to, “like” or oth­er­wise inter­act with your Playing The Recruiting Game™ account and our Ser­vice using your exist­ing social media accounts, such as your Face­book or Twit­ter accounts, among oth­ers.  We do not post any­thing to your social media ser­vices with­out your explicit con­sent.  How­ever, upon pro­vid­ing your con­sent, these fea­tures may dis­play some of your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion or other infor­ma­tion relat­ing to you on or in con­nec­tion with these social media ser­vices, includ­ing, with­out lim­i­ta­tion, on our Site.  We do not con­trol those social media ser­vices, your pro­files on those ser­vices, mod­ify your pri­vacy set­tings on those ser­vices or estab­lish rules about how your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion on those ser­vices will be used.  You and the social media ser­vice providers are in con­trol of those issues, not Playing The Recruiting Game.  Addi­tion­ally, on the Site, we place links to third party web­sites.  When you click on these links and visit these other web­sites, regard­less of whether or not they con­tain our brand names, trade­marks and other intel­lec­tual prop­erty, you need to be aware that we do not con­trol these other web­sites or these other web­sites’ busi­ness prac­tices, and that this Pri­vacy Pol­icy does not apply to these other web­sites. The oper­a­tors of these other web­sites may gather  dif­fer­ent kinds of infor­ma­tion about you, and may use and dis­close that infor­ma­tion in dif­fer­ent ways than we would if it were col­lected on the Site. You are encour­aged to read all poli­cies and infor­ma­tion on the applic­a­ble social media ser­vices and third party web­sites to learn more about how they han­dle your infor­ma­tion before using any such fea­tures or web­site.  We can­not be and are not respon­si­ble for any acts or omis­sions by any social media ser­vice provider or third party website.


How We Col­lect Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion

When you access our Ser­vice, we may auto­mat­i­cally col­lect anony­mous, Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion from you, such as IP address, web pages viewed, browser type, refer­ring ser­vice, usage and brows­ing habits on the Ser­vice, and sim­i­lar data.  We may also aggre­gate demo­graphic infor­ma­tion col­lected from our users (such as the num­ber of users in a par­tic­u­lar state, or total num­ber of male and female users) in a man­ner that does not iden­tify any one individual.

The fol­low­ing are a few exam­ples of Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion that we collect:

  • YOUR IP ADDRESS.   Like most registration-based web­sites, we auto­mat­i­cally col­lect your IP address and the web page from which you came each time you visit the Site. In order to admin­is­ter and opti­mize the Site for you and to diag­nose prob­lems with our Site, we use your IP address to help anony­mously iden­tify you and to gather broad demo­graphic infor­ma­tion about you.
  • COOKIES AND RELATED TECHNOLOGIES.  Like most web­sites, the Site uses cook­ies, javascript and sim­i­lar tech­nolo­gies to keep track of your sta­tus, pur­chases and other activ­ity on the Site and enhance your expe­ri­ence on the Site. We also use these tech­nolo­gies to deliver con­tent spe­cific to your inter­ests, and if you choose, to save cer­tain Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion so you do not have to reen­ter it each time you visit the Site. Third-party adver­tis­ers and other enti­ties on the Site may also place or read cook­ies or sim­i­lar tech­nolo­gies. If you wish to delete or dis­able our cook­ies, you can do so via your browser set­tings. How­ever, in doing so, you may not be able to access cer­tain areas on the Site.  You will need to con­tact the applic­a­ble third party to dis­able third-party cook­ies and sim­i­lar third party tech­nolo­gies. Please also see the How You Can Opt-Out, Access and Update Your Infor­ma­tion and Behav­ioral Adver­tis­ing sec­tions of this Pri­vacy Pol­icy for addi­tional infor­ma­tion on how you can opt-out.
  • ANALYTICS.  We use ana­lyt­ics ser­vices that use cook­ies, javascript and sim­i­lar tech­nolo­gies to help us ana­lyze how users use the Web­site. The infor­ma­tion gen­er­ated by these ser­vices about your use of the Web­site (includ­ing your IP address or a trun­cated ver­sion of your IP address) is trans­mit­ted to and stored by ana­lyt­ics ser­vice providers on their servers. Those ser­vice providers will use this infor­ma­tion for the pur­pose of eval­u­at­ing your, and other users’, use of the Web­site, com­pil­ing reports for us on web­site activ­ity and pro­vid­ing other ser­vices relat­ing to web­site activ­ity and Inter­net usage.


How We Use Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion

We use Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion for a num­ber of pur­poses, includ­ing, but not lim­ited to, main­tain­ing and improv­ing the Site, launch­ing new prod­ucts, ana­lyz­ing user behav­ior, tai­lor­ing the Site and com­mu­ni­ca­tions to your inter­ests, and for mar­ket­ing and press pur­poses. Because of the nature of Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion, this is done on an anony­mous and/or aggre­gated basis (i.e., with­out telling the adver­tis­ers your iden­tity).  One of the rea­sons we may do this is to increase the like­li­hood that our adver­tis­ers’ goods and ser­vices will appeal to Playing The Recruiting Game users, so that we may tar­get spe­cific ads at spe­cific demo­graphic groups. When you respond to an adver­tise­ment, how­ever, we ask you to remem­ber that if that ad that is tar­geted to a demo­graphic group and you decide to give the adver­tiser your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion, then the adver­tiser may be able to iden­tify you as being a mem­ber of that demo­graphic group. Please note that we reserve the right to dis­close or uti­lize any Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion for any pur­poses per­mit­ted by law, not just the spec­i­fied exam­ples used in the Pri­vacy Pol­icy, which are pro­vided for illus­tra­tion pur­poses only.


Behav­ioral Adver­tis­ing

We may engage or oth­er­wise allow third party ven­dors to use and gather Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion, drop cook­ies and engage in other activ­i­ties on the Site that are con­sis­tent with this Pri­vacy Pol­icy.  These par­ties may deliver you tar­geted adver­tis­ing (includ­ing but not lim­ited to tar­geted adver­tis­ing for us or other par­ties both on and off this site).  These par­ties may also oth­er­wise improve our adver­tis­ing when you visit this Site or other web­sites. Cook­ies and related tech­nolo­gies, described above, are used in this process. For instance, if you are search­ing for infor­ma­tion on a par­tic­u­lar sport, our ven­dor may cause an adver­tise­ment to appear on other web­sites you are view­ing with infor­ma­tion on that sport. This form of adver­tis­ing that is per­formed by cer­tain ven­dors, some­times called “behav­ioral adver­tis­ing”, is based solely on anony­mous Non-Personal Infor­ma­tion (such as a cookie ID or pro­file) and not any Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion that specif­i­cally iden­ti­fies you. Our ven­dors do not know who you are in con­nec­tion with the deliv­ery of a spe­cific ad. We believe that such adver­tis­ing is a ben­e­fit to you since you will see adver­tise­ments that are rel­e­vant to your interests.

How­ever, if you do not want to receive such tar­geted adver­tise­ments then you can opt-out of being tracked by our ven­dors.  To opt-out of such track­ing, please visit  and select our cur­rent vendor(s) and any other com­pa­nies you choose. For a list of our cur­rent vendor(s), see: http://blog.playingtherecruitinggame /behavioral-advertising-partners.

Opt­ing out of our behav­ioral adver­tis­ing sys­tem does not mean that you will no longer see adver­tise­ments.  You will still see adver­tise­ments; how­ever, they will be gen­eral and not tai­lored to your spe­cific inter­ests and activities.

For more infor­ma­tion on how to opt-out of behav­ioral adver­tis­ing, see:


Do Not Track Signals

We do not respond to or honor “do not track” (a/k/a DNT) sig­nals or sim­i­lar mech­a­nisms trans­mit­ted by web browsers.  To learn more about how you can exer­cise choices about the col­lec­tion and use of cer­tain data online for pur­poses of tar­geted adver­tis­ing, please visit­sumers


Our Secu­rity Pre­cau­tions with Your Infor­ma­tion


The Site has secu­rity mea­sures in place to help pro­tect against the loss, mis­use and alter­ation of the infor­ma­tion under our con­trol. To such end, we adhere to indus­try stan­dard prac­tices and pro­ce­dures to help safe­guard and secure the infor­ma­tion we col­lect.  Although we use com­mer­cially rea­son­able efforts to pro­tect the secu­rity of your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion and our sys­tem, due to the inher­ent open nature of the Inter­net, no trans­mis­sion via the Inter­net can be guar­an­teed to be 100% secure. As a result of this and other fac­tors beyond our con­trol, we can­not guar­an­tee the secu­rity of the infor­ma­tion that you trans­mit to or through our Web­site. There­fore, you assume that risk by using the Website.


Pro­tec­tion for Chil­dren and Minors

This Web­site is not intended for, and we have no inten­tion of col­lect­ing Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion from, per­sons under the age of 13. If a per­son under the age of 13 has pro­vided us with Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion, we will use all rea­son­able efforts to delete such infor­ma­tion from our data­base. If you are under the age of 13, you are not autho­rized to access or sub­mit any con­tent or infor­ma­tion to this Website.


Chang­ing our Pri­vacy Pol­icy for Pre­vi­ously Gath­ered Infor­ma­tion

If at any point we decide to use par­tic­u­lar Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion in a man­ner dif­fer­ent from that stated at the time it was col­lected, we will notify users by way of an email or by pro­vid­ing 30 days’ notice on the Site. Please note that we will con­tinue to have the right to change our Pri­vacy Pol­icy and prac­tices, and how we use your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion, with­out notice, as described in the first para­graph of this Pri­vacy Pol­icy, pro­vided that such changes shall only apply to infor­ma­tion gath­ered on or after the date of the change.


How You Can Opt-Out, Access and Update Your Infor­ma­tion

To stop receiv­ing Playing The Recruiting Game com­mu­ni­ca­tions you must delete your account which you can do at any time by con­tact­ing us at Please note that if you delete your account, we may con­tinue to retain your infor­ma­tion on our servers for archival pur­poses. If you re-register with the Ser­vice in the future, we may asso­ciate your new reg­is­tra­tion infor­ma­tion with your pre­vi­ously pro­vided reg­is­tra­tion infor­ma­tion. In addi­tion, we may give you the oppor­tu­nity to opt-out of cer­tain com­mu­ni­ca­tions in the ‘Edit Pro­file” sec­tion of the Site.


We give you the oppor­tu­nity to mod­ify Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion you have pro­vided to us at any time by going to the “Edit Pro­file” sec­tion of the Site or by con­tact­ing us. While these changes nor­mally take effect in a mat­ter of hours, in some spe­cial cases, it may take up to 5 days to take effect on the pub­lic areas of the Site.


Please note that chang­ing your infor­ma­tion through the “Edit Pro­file” sec­tion of the Site, or oth­er­wise opting-out of receipt of com­mu­ni­ca­tions from Playing The Recruiting Game, will only change or delete the data for pur­poses of future activ­i­ties on the Site and for man­ag­ing future com­mu­ni­ca­tions from Playing The Recruiting Game. These changes and dele­tions will not change or delete emails or infor­ma­tion that we may have already for­warded to other users or credit card com­pa­nies or any other third par­ties, all as pro­vided in this Pri­vacy Pol­icy. If you have any ques­tions or con­cerns about this Pri­vacy Pol­icy, the prac­tices of the Site, or your deal­ings with the Site, please feel free to con­tact us at Opt-outs may be device-specific, so please con­sult the help sec­tion of your web browser or set­tings on each device.


If you do not want your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion shared with any third party who may use such infor­ma­tion for direct mar­ket­ing pur­poses, then you may opt-out of such dis­clo­sures by send­ing an email to us at


United States of Amer­ica

Our servers are main­tained in the United States of Amer­ica.  By using the Web­site or par­tic­i­pat­ing in Playing The Recruiting Game ser­vices, you freely and specif­i­cally give Playing The Recruiting Game your con­sent to export your Per­sonal Infor­ma­tion to the USA and to store and use it in the USA as spec­i­fied in this Pri­vacy Pol­icy.  You under­stand that data stored in the USA may be sub­ject to law­ful requests by the courts or law enforce­ment author­i­ties in the USA.


Except as otherwise specifically required by law, all actions, disputes, claims and controversies under common law, statutory law or in equity of any type or nature whatsoever, whether arising at any time between you, your assigns, heirs, attorneys, affiliates or agents and Playing The Recruiting Game, LLC., its assigns, heirs, attorneys, affiliates or agents regarding these Terms and Conditions/Terms of Use/Sale or this web site, and whether directly or indirectly relating to: (a) these Terms and Conditions or this web site and/or any amendments and addenda hereto, or the breach, invalidity or termination hereof; (b) any previous or subsequent Amendment to these Terms and Conditions or this web site between the parties; and/or (c) any other relationship, transaction or dealing between the parties (collectively the “Disputes”), will be subject to and resolved by binding arbitration by Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. (www. pursuant to the rules and procedures of Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc.  Any award or order rendered by the arbitrator may be confirmed as a judgment or order in the Circuit Court of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit in and for Broward County, Florida, as that Court shall have exclusive venue and jurisdiction over the subject matter and the parties.  In the event Arbitration is not enforceable, and litigation becomes necessary; see below.


Gov­ern­ing Law

This Pri­vacy Pol­icy and our legal oblig­a­tions here­un­der are sub­ject to the laws of Florida, U.S.A., regard­less of your loca­tion.  You hereby con­sent to and you hereby irrevocably submit to the exclu­sive personal juris­dic­tion and venue in state courts located in Broward County, Florida, U.S.A.(Circuit Court of the Seventeenth Judicial in and for Broward County, Florida) in all dis­putes aris­ing out of or relat­ing to the Services.


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